his approach. his attitude. taught his way.

Learn the fundamentals of golf according to Arnold Palmer's philosophy of the game. 

mastering the fundamentals

Learn the mechanics of the best game, from the best in the game.

Instruction is broken down into four key areas — Mastering the Fundamentals, Scoring Zone, Practice Like a Pro, and Course Management.

Learn to master Arnold Palmer’s five basic fundamentals: grip, address, one-piece takeaway, steady head and acceleration.


The importance of your grip cannot be underestimated. We’ll show you the grip that will allow you to swing the club in the most natural way possible.


Accurate shot placement begins with a correct address. We will show you how to combine posture, alignment and ball position for stability throughout each shot.

One-piece Takeaway

You’ll learn how to maintain the vital continuity that a one-piece takeaway swing creates.

Steady Head

Mr. Palmer’s #1 swing thought: Moving your head more than slightly during the swing causes both loss of distance and accuracy due to an ever-changing swing plane. Training a steady head position throughout your swing is the benchmark of a balanced athletic swing.


Learn the five elements essential to maximizing the speed of your club head as it swings through the ball.


course strategy

Learn proper club selection, pre-shot routine and choosing a strategy that fits both your ability and personality. We help you put it all together – club selection, ball placement, pre-shot routine, attitude and the best part of all… hitting your target and having fun.


practice like a pro

Develop a practice routine to improve confidence and and consistency with drills and exercises to help you build a functional golf swing.

Our goal during this session is to help you maximize your practice time. You’ll learn to approach shots with thought and purpose, repeat successful swings that, over time, become automatic, reflexive and ingrained with the fundamentals.


“Practicing like a pro is more than just hitting balls. Each shot must be thought out and have a purpose.” — Arnold Palmer